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Transmission and Suspension Physics

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The following is a description of my modifications to the physics of trucks in ATS Mods.

These mods alter the roll and pitch of the truck, with more emphasis on the front than the back. Additionally, they adjust the engine braking, affecting the time it takes for the engine to return to idle RPM (usually 500RPM). These adjustments work best for trucks with horsepower between 500 and 650. Trucks with over 650 horsepower will experience faster RPM decrease, while those with less than 500 horsepower will have a longer braking time.

This is my first attempt at creating these modifications, and I am still working on fine-tuning them to be as realistic as possible. I have tested them using the 1.2.x version of the game, specifically with a fully customized Pet 389 truck with either 500 or 550 horsepower, pulling a 50,000lb trailer. I also used a Logitech G27 Steering Wheel for testing purposes.

Please excuse my English and any lag in the video. My graphics card is getting old! I also speak French!

Modified Nascar Trailer , Dale Earnhardt Sr. Mod

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