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Modified Nascar Trailer , Dale Earnhardt Sr. Mod

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The Nascar Featherlite Trailer Pack, originally created by TEAM 5STAR, BART MODDING, and CUSTOM COLORS, has been given a new look. I have reskinned all the trailers with a tribute skin honoring Dale Earnhardt Sr., with the kind permission of the original authors.

This updated version replaces all the original trailers in the pack with the Dale Earnhardt Sr. skin. Now, if you use my Dale Earnhardt Sr. tribute skin for the Viper2 modified Pete 389 or viper2 389v2, you can always find a load that matches the trailer.

I have also made some adjustments, increasing the gross weight of the trailer and load to just over 44,000 lbs. Initially, I made these changes for my own personal use, as I wanted to have this paint scheme and I am a big fan of this trailer pack. I want to express my gratitude to TEAM 5STAR, BART MODDING, and CUSTOM COLORS for creating an incredible trailer pack and allowing me to modify and share it.

MOD ORIGINALLY created by TEAM 5STAR, BART, MODDING and CUSTOM COLORS, MODIFIED and reposted with PERMISSION by Skins by The Crashman
Brutal Gold HD Sound Engine 2016 V1.2.x by Stewen Mod
Transmission and Suspension Physics

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