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Traffic Density and Speedlimits 1.29

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Enhanced Traffic Density and Revised Speed Limits for 1.29 ATS

This mod may not be flawless, but it is an improvement compared to having no mod at all. 😆
Although not as advanced as the 1.28 version, it still offers some benefits.

There is now a higher volume of traffic on highways and freeways, while local roads have fewer vehicles.
Ideally, the traffic should be dense in cities, but it doesn’t always work properly due to an SCS algorithm issue.
To address this problem, SCS harvesters have been added to local roads; however, they may also enter cities (unfixable at the moment). The harvesters operate from 5 am to 9 pm.
Moreover, highway patrol cars with flashing beacons have been introduced, but they should be a rare sight. 😆
Ambulances and fire trucks with beacons are now occasionally seen in cities and their surroundings.
The frequency of police cars has been reduced.
Cargo trains are now slightly longer, and they can be combined with the “long train” mod for an even greater effect.
The length of passenger trains has not been adjusted.

All the newly added models are based on SCS models, and no modifications were made using Blender.

That’s all, unless I forgot to mention anything else. 😆

SCS, Piva

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