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Improved Flares V3.0 for American Truck Simulator (ATS)

Better Flares V3.0 (BFv3.0) is a mod for ATS that enhances the lighting effects in the game. It includes various features and addons to improve the appearance of headlights and flares for both trucks and traffic.

Here are the different components of the mod:

1. Base Mod – This is the core mod that provides the foundation for all the other features.

2. Headlights White/Yellow – You can choose between white or yellow headlights for a more customized look. The switching between these headlights is seamless and applies to both trucks and traffic. Make sure to prioritize this over the base mod.

3. Default Traffic Addon – This addon adds new flares to the default traffic in the game. However, please be aware that it is not compatible with the AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat.


– New flares: You can select the type of flare that appeals to you the most.

– Improved truck lights and smooth switching between lights.

– Traffic lights addon: This includes 8 new flares specifically designed for AI cars.

Changes in Version 3.0:

– Introduces new flares to enhance the visual experience.

– Offers new settings to customize the lighting effects.

– Includes traffic lights addons for an improved traffic appearance.

Please take note of the following warnings:

– Before using the mod, make sure to read about its structure to understand how it works.

– If you encounter crashes while using the mod, ensure that all your traffic packs are placed below any map mods.

Improved headlights
Traffic Density and Speedlimits 1.29

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