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Enhanced Headlights V3.0 is a mod designed for ATS that improves the visibility of headlights by replacing the standard flash with better effects.

In this version, V3.0, the mod comes with new textures and settings. Additionally, it supports add-ons from Jazzycat.

The mod is structured as follows:

  1. BFv3.0 1.Base for ATS: This is the basic mod that serves as the foundation.
  2. BFv3.0 2.Headlights White/Yellow: This version offers both “yellow” and “white” variations of light for trucks. It also includes smooth transitions and different shades of light for traffic. Note that this add-on should have higher priority than the main mod.
  3. BFv3.0.Default Traffic Addon: This add-on introduces new flash effects for default traffic. Please keep in mind that it’s not compatible with Jazzycat’s AI Traffic Pack. Only choose one of the two.

The mod is compatible with various Jazzycat packs, such as AI Traffic Pack, Classic cars AI Traffic Pack, Truck Traffic Pack, Painted Truck and Trailers Traffic Pack, Bus Traffic Pack, and Mexican Traffic Pack. Make sure to prioritize the BFv3.0 add-ons over the Jazzycat packs.

Some tips for troubleshooting include placing all traffic add-ons below mods with new maps if you experience crashes on certain maps. If you encounter extreme starbursts around headlights, consider using a mod that reduces the intensity of the HDR.

Test version: 1.29.x

Traffic Density and Speedlimits 1.29

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