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SiSL’s Mega v 2.2 Pack

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SiSL’s Mega v 2.2 for Pack is a mod that should only be used with version 1.3 and not with version 1.2. If you are using version 1.2, you can use the 2.1 version of the mod found on previous pages.

This mod is designed to support only modded trucks that have cabin accessory slots. It offers over 500+ cabin accessory items to choose from, including female and male co-drivers, bobbleheads, accessories for truck driver needs, snacks, electronic devices, computers and tablets, scarves, fresheners, toys, and much more. There are also some items that can be easily customized according to your own preference, such as a picture frame, your own mug, and your country flag, which can be downloaded from the official Facebook page’s Download tab. For more detailed information about customization, you can visit the Facebook page.

Version 2.2 of SiSL’s Mega mod introduces several new additions:

  • Hand-Delivery Cargo Boxes (Customizable)
  • Beau Jeu UEFA 2016 Official Match Ball
  • SpongeBob & Patrick for both windshield and as hang toys
  • Teddy Bears with 6 different color choices for dash, console, and seat
  • Dash and Roof decorative fan (Use AC to cool the cabin)
  • OBU Telepass
  • Nutella (400 gr)
  • Tractor toy
  • Forklift Toy
  • Crown Fresheners (Cherry, Black, Lavender, Jasmine, New Car, and Vanilla)
  • Yoshi from Mario Bros
  • Kenworth T680 Toy
  • Kenworth W900 toy
  • Peterbilt 570 Toy
  • Customizable Water Bottles
  • Bronze Statue – Ata

The mod also changes the plates of the truck:

  • Lightbox plates for both co-driver and driver (Only works if no other mod changes plate visuals)
  • Yellow plates
  • Plate & Telepass Devices together

In addition, the mod fixes the GPS on Dashboard tablets and renews many items, including footballs. It is important to note that the items in this mod cannot be used in other mods, sold, or reuploaded. Any modifications are only allowed for private use and must be made in the customization file.

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