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GT-MODS KENWORTH T800 2016 V0.1 Mod

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The GT-MODS KENWORTH T800 2016 V0.1 Mod is a new truck mod available for the game. Here is a list of features found in the current beta version:

  • The truck is built in a similar manner to the official SCS DLC
  • The truck can be found in multiple variants at the Kenworth dealership
  • There are 3 cabin types to choose from
  • 4 chassis types are available, with the possibility of 2 more being added in later updates
  • Each chassis can have different fuel tank variants installed for cosmetic purposes
  • There are 3 types of hoods to choose from and each hood has its own set of tuning parts
  • New tuning parts have been added, some of which have been adapted from the W900

There are a few known issues with the mod:

  • Some parts, such as hoods and fuel tanks, are not attached by default at the dealership. This will be fixed in future updates
  • Regardless of which hood is installed, only the “stock” variant is visible in the interior view
  • Parts attached to the hood, such as deflectors and hood mirrors, do not display properly or at all in the interior view. The modder is currently testing skin compatibility for the hood models
  • All 3 hoods have a small shadow mistake, which is only visible from a certain angle. This will be fixed in a later stage of development
  • There are no skinning templates available yet. W900 skins partially work, but the hoods are not mapped properly
  • There are no models for “Medium” and “Long +” chassis yet, but they will be added in the future to avoid conflicts with dealership def files

Here are some things that are planned for future updates:

  • More cab variants will be added
  • Additional accessories will be available to place behind the cab
  • 2 more chassis variants will be added
  • More tuning parts will be included, and suggestions from players are welcome
GT-Mike, SCS-Software
SiSL’s Mega v 2.2 Pack
Government Access Tunnel v 1.2

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