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Skoda Superb v 1.6

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This article is about the Skoda Superb v 1.6 for ATS. Several improvements have been made to enhance the overall experience.

Firstly, real logos have been added to give the vehicle a more authentic look.

The tachometer now accurately displays the idle and maximum engine speed, with the engine capable of spinning up to 7 thousand revolutions per minute. This information is not only shown in the animation but also in the motor parameters.

The parameters of the engine, chassis, and PPC have been correctly adjusted. The acceleration to 100 km/h now takes only 5.6 seconds, with a top speed of 240 km/h.

The default interior has been designed with exclusivity in mind, while a standard salon cut is available for those in Europe. This ensures that the interior suits both American and European tastes.

The view from the cockpit and the seating adjustment have been fine-tuned for optimal comfort.

An issue where the sound would cut out after an upgrade has been resolved. However, note that there are no upgrades available for the vehicle as everything is already set to default in the sale.

The base color for painting the body has been restored to its original state.

The sound of the engine now blends seamlessly with the sound of the turbine, and the volume has been adjusted to account for cabin soundproofing.

The drives have been replaced, ensuring that only standard tires of trucks disappear when in active mode.

Furthermore, the basic physics parameters that affect the controllability and stability of the car on the road have been newly registered.

The sound files have been rewritten to eliminate unnecessary sounds that cannot be heard while driving in the car.

Please note that the old version is not compatible with this new modification. Therefore, before downloading, you must deactivate the old modification, download the game, and then reactivate the new modification. Additionally, after the upgrade, the vehicle will need to be repurchased.

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