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Scot A2HD v 1.0.4 Truck

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The Scot A2HD v 1.0.4 Truck has been updated with several enhancements and fixes:

– The issue with the hood’s shadow has been mostly resolved.

– All engines are now compatible with the adaptive automatic transmission.

– The behavior of the engines’ governors has been adjusted to be more realistic, based on real droop specifications.

– A crash related to the quick-job ‘A’ truck has been fixed.

– The truck now features new sounds, including an air horn sound inspired by the Grover Organtone and a reverse beeper sound. Additionally, turn signals, wipers, air brakes, and shifters now have improved sound effects by Kriechbaum.

– Several new mudflap designs have been added to the truck.

– One new paintjob and updated icons for existing paintjobs have been included.

– Air cleaner pre-filters are now available as an accessory.

– The steering wheel is now an accessory, and a separate mod will be released soon to enable SCI wheels for those who have the DLC.

– The appearance of the bumpers, visor, and grill have been revamped, offering more options such as plain aluminum, polished aluminum, chrome, and paint for the visor and grill.

– The rubber parts of the truck have also been redesigned.

– A Kysor KA-300 rooftop air conditioning unit has been added.

– The rear suspension travel has been increased, making it more suitable for a walking beam suspension and reducing the chances of getting stuck at construction sites, mines, and quarries.

– A locator for interior accessories called ‘Console Items’ has been added.

– Fog lights now activate along with the headlights, although a better solution that doesn’t require slots is being explored.

– A bug with the side mirrors, where the wrong name was assigned to the camera locators, has been corrected.

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