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KENWORTH T908 V6.0 1.6.X – Mod

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The ATS Kenworth T908 V6.0 1.6.X – Mod has undergone some changes in the latest version. These include:

  • Added an icon in the GPS indicating when you are speeding
  • Fixed the red background on the clock in the cabin
  • Fixed the visor in the cabin
  • Lightened the texture shadows
  • Added a registration file for the physical salon, ensuring that janitors no longer rock separately from the cabin
  • Added new paint colors
  • Fixed the mirrors, eliminating the reflection delay when the camera is turned on
  • Reduced the figures on the hood and added new ones
  • Changed the old air filters and added new ones
  • Fixed the bumper lights
  • Added support for DLC
  • Enhanced the 3D interior
  • Applied baking on new technologies
  • Provided new templates for skins
  • Offered a huge selection of tuning options from the outside
  • Added animation to mud flaps and pedals
  • Completely redesigned and improved the model of the exterior and interior, included new high-quality textures and 3D parts
  • Fixed textures and minor errors
  • Fully autonomous model
  • Registered with the starting page
  • Available for purchase in the Kenworth showroom
  • Comes in 4 cab variants
  • Offers 4 chassis options (including 4 for the right rudders)
  • Includes many external tuning options
  • Offers 3 types of interiors (including right-hand drive)
  • Provides custom wheels
  • Comes with its own sound, including the new N14 v2.0 and N14c
  • Includes metallic paint options
  • Enables walking camera feature

This mod has been tested on versions 1.6.x – of the game.

Authors: Virat, SCS: - 3D model, Stas556: - Envelope, animation, registration, Kriechbaum: - Sounds, registration of engines and transmissions, Fire-Blade: - 3ds Max modeling, Robert Bogdanov: -Texturing, sweep, Gerald Hardie: - Technical support, Smith: - Help in updating and modifying the model, Mick Brown: - Accessories, Mishanka: - Other residence permit, Knox: - Dashboard, TV and GPS.
Scot A2HD v 1.0.4 Truck

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