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RENAULT T RTA V6.2 [1.6] Mod

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The RENAULT T RTA V6.2 [1.6] Mod has been updated to version 6.2. The update includes the addition of saloon options, tuning options, as well as various fixes and improvements. A new template has also been added. The truck is now available for purchase at the Volvo Motor Show and can be registered in the truck gallery and company. It comes with its own add-ons, sounds, skins, and template, allowing for customization. The registration, icons, and sounds are editable, while access to the rest of the mod is restricted. The mod has been adapted for the latest patch and features a new 3D interior with two options to choose from. There are also two types of salon available – right side and left side. Additionally, the mod now includes the option to paint the wheels and supports steering wheel. The calendar has been cleaned up, and minor bugs, such as the glass on the headlights, have been fixed. The mod also offers support for all “DLC” (Downloadable Content) for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The shadow and sound issues have been resolved, and a collision bug has also been fixed. The mod has been tested on version 1.6.x.

- Jekich1, SCS: 3D model. - Virat: 3D interior. - Stas556: Conversion, animation, tuning. - Fire-Blade: Co-author, modeling. - Mishanka: Registration. - Kriechbaum: Sounds, engines, transmissions. - NN-Mihail: Technical support, textures. - Robert Bogdanov: Template for skins. - Dave Burgess: Skin "Seven Lincs Transport". - Evelin Sophie: Renault T Skin Pack. Test, dashboards. - Smith: Baking, help with animation. - Update: Phantom94, vovangt4. - Corrected in ATS vasja555
Scot A2HD v 1.0.4 Truck
Project West v1.3.2 – ( v1.6.x )

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