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Project West v1.3.2 – ( v1.6.x )

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Project West v1.3.2 – ( v1.6.x ) ATS ATS

The correct version of Project West is 1.3.2. Project West is a project that adds new roads and reconstructs existing ones in California, Nevada, and Arizona. The main focus is on the state of California. Project West includes new 8-lane highways and improved scenery.

In addition to fixing issues from versions 1.2 and 1.3.1, Project West also includes:

– The town of Laytonville
– The town of Lee Vining
– The beginning of the U.S 395 rebuilding project
– The I-15 Mountain Pass between Primm and Barstow
– Updates to billboards and casino signs on I-15 in Primm and Las Vegas
– The I-15 / I-10 Stack Interchange
– The I-5 / CA 56 / I-805 San Diego Collector/Local expressway system
– A new entrance to Las Vegas from I-15
– Numerous fixes in Yosemite and issues from versions 1.2 and 1.1
– Updates to U.S 93 between Las Vegas and Hoover Dam in preparation for the establishment of Boulder City
– Changes to the alignment of I-40
– White raised road markers
– The 1.6 Hotfix is no longer necessary
– Approximately one million sign corrections and replacements
– Fixes from versions 1.3.0 and 1.3.1
– Revamped area a mile north of CA99/I-15

RENAULT T RTA V6.2 [1.6] Mod
PROJECT WEST V1.3.2 [1.6.X]

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