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Peterbilt 579 Double Exhaust SP/MP

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Peterbilt 579 Double Exhaust SP/MP for ATS

This modification includes:
– A high-performance engine from the Kenworth W900 (625HP)
– Double exhaust system
– Minor customizations
– “Metallic” paint option

Please note that any modifications made to this fashion when purchasing will result in the loss of the double exhaust feature!
Changing the color is the only acceptable modification, but only after the purchase and limited to the prescribed paint options.
To ensure proper functionality, it is necessary to have the DLC Wheel Tuning Pack.
When sharing, please credit the original author and include a link to their work!
It is strictly prohibited to open or alter the mod for personal use.
Any modifications must be done with the permission of the author!

PETERBILT 281-351 MTG 2.0 1.6.X –
MAN-TGX V7.0 (V1.6.X) Mod

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