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PETERBILT 281-351 MTG 2.0 1.6.X –

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Introducing the PETERBILT 281-351 MTG 2.0 1.6.X – mod for ATS. This mod offers various features and customization options for a more immersive gameplay experience. Here are the key features of the mod:

– Fully autonomous truck that can be purchased at the Peterbilt motor show

– Two cab variants, with and without sleep option

– Original interior design with and without sleep option

– Eight chassis variants

– Dozens of customization options for the exterior

– Seventeen different skins to choose from

– Nine upholstery options

– Nine options for inserts on the dashboard and doors

– Twelve upholstery options

– Seven floor covering options

– Three different steering systems

– Fourteen engines with unique sound bindings

– Eight reducers for improved performance

– Realistic running inner chamber

– DLC support for compatibility with other mods

– Extensive selection of tuning options

– Skin template included for creating custom skins

In version 2.0, the mod has received several updates and additions, including:

– Three dump truck variations for the tandem chassis

– Various options for bumpers and front wings

– Additional rear mudguards

– Two different headlight variants

– Wing deflectors

– Options for caps on wings and tanks

– New logo on the grille and side panels

– Updated version of additional mirrors

– Chrome casting with lanterns on the cabs

– Two new variants of the stage

– Three protection options and a toolbox

– Bumper with animated circuits

– Animated figure of the skeleton in the interior

– DLC content in the truck cabin

– Forest trailer with various cargoes

– Trailer with four color options and various products

– Three trailers with different bodies and axles

– Improved registration and bug fixes

– Second version of the track for company work

– Enlarged steering wheel with turn signal controls

For customization options related to the lighting devices, please refer to the instruction provided in the P / S section:

1. Use the “dashboard_color” archive to change the color of the lighting devices. Replace the “Dashboard_color.sui” file from the “dashboard_color” archive.
2. Replace the “ETS_Peterbilt_281-351_mTG_2.0_Part1” archive with the “interior” folder in the “Def / vehicle / truck / peter281” directory, using the “no compression” option.

The authors of the mod mo3Del Truck Game (mTG): - JAWA (Maxim Saprykin): 3D model. - Stas556: Conversion to the game, animation. - Kriechbaum: Sounds. - Mikhail Iontsev: Registration of a pack of trailers.
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