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MAN-TGX V7.0 (V1.6.X) Mod

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MAN-TGX V7.0 (V1.6.X) ATS Mod

This mod is based on the manver1.scs file. It includes a traffic truck called MAN-TGX. The sound has been changed to a quieter sound. In addition, there are add-ons included in the mod. The mod sources are mods manver1.scs, MAN TGX.scs, and __MAN-TGX-ITSU_LVK-7.scs, as well as ATS_MAN-TGX_ITSU_N6xx.scs.


The sound has been corrected to be more expressive and meaningful, resembling the sound of a truck rather than rattles. The necessary sound files for truck scoring are included in the mod and cannot be altered by other mods.

The parameters of the “d2868_500z” motor have been changed, along with the “12_speed_ret” transmission. This makes the loaded truck more responsive and easier to drive. The loaded truck is capable of quickly reaching maximum speed, which reduces the time spent on long, boring trips.

The headlights have been modified to improve visibility in the dark. The low beam headlights provide wider coverage and are effective at intersections and sharp turns. The high beam headlights are moderately bright and do not cause excessive reflection from a white background. This allows for clear visibility of pictures and inscriptions on a illuminated white background.

The truck can be purchased from Kenworth and Peterbilt dealers, and it is available from the beginning of the game. The purchase price is no more than $2000. Having a good vehicle available early on makes the game more interesting.

Peterbilt 579 Double Exhaust SP/MP
Klaas’ Economy v 1.4.0

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