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Klaas’ Economy v 1.4.0

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Klaas’ Economy v 1.4.0 for ATS

General features:

• The minimum income for Quickjobs is approximately 0.32$/mile, while for Freightmarket jobs it is at least 0.52$/mile.

• AI Drivers will generate a minimum of 0.20$/mile.

• A new loan system has been implemented, which increases your loan limit at every level.

• A new fine system has also been introduced, which increases your fine value at every level.

• Experience points required per level have been increased. Bonuses have been reduced to enhance the difficulty.

• Real restrictions on driving and sleeping time have been implemented.

• Fuel discount for garage has been increased to 20%.

• Truck refund value is now set to 75% of its original value.

• Complete rebalance of trailers (all trailers except box/curtain/reefer will be unlocked with skills).

• Until level 8, you will have to undertake Quickjobs. At level 8, you can loan up to 20,000$ (read more).

• The Canadian dollar and Mexican peso have been added as real currencies, using as the source.

• Parking bonus has been set to 20XP for Easy, 30XP for Medium, and 50XP for Hard.

• Police frequency has been reduced.


– Economy adjustments (payment for Freightmarker jobs increased).

– Bank loan limit adjustments (starting with level 30, your bank limit will increase by 10,000$ for each level. Loan limit at level 30 is 500,000$, and it will continue to increase from level 1).

MAN-TGX V7.0 (V1.6.X) Mod

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