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Klaas’ Economy – V1.1.4 (steam release)

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Main Features
– This mod aims to create a realistic atmosphere.
– The minimum income for Quickjobs is approximately 0.70$/mile, and at least 1$/mile for Freightmarket jobs.
– AI Drivers will earn a minimum of 150$/day or 0.60$/mile.
– New loan system that increases your loan limit with each level (up to 5.000.000$).
– Realistic limits for driving and sleeping time.
– Increased fuel discount for garage to 20%.
– Truck refund value set at 75% of its original value.
– Experience gain and leveling up is harder compared to the vanilla game.
– Fuel savings and Fuel Economy skill are crucial due to low income.
– Quickjobs have to be done until level 8 (approximately) due to lack of money. At level 8, you will be able to buy a stock truck with your bank loan limit.
– Insurance is highly important, as even regular tire damage can cause trouble. Keeping insurance expenses as low as possible is essential for profit.
– Fines have been reduced, but they still affect your profit.
– Police frequency has been decreased.
– Fines will no longer be doubled if a police car is nearby.
– Fines probability has been reduced in some cases, especially if there is no police car nearby.
– Fines increase with your level.

– Truck wear and tear damage has been reduced by 50%.

Klaas’ Economy – V1.1.4.1 (steam release)
[ 1.3.0.x] Freightliner Classic xl v2.2 with adv cpl edited by Truckercharly

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