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[ 1.3.0.x] Freightliner Classic xl v2.2 with adv cpl edited by Truckercharly

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[ATS 1.3.0.x] Freightliner Classic xl v2.2 with adv cpl edited by Truckercharly ATS

Tested Version (Please read the “Attention! Important!” below, otherwise you will always end up on the desktop!)

ATTENTION!!! IMPORTANT!!! If you already have earlier versions of the freightliner classic xl in your garage, you must sell them completely before activating this mod, or the game will crash to the desktop. The reason is that the folder structure has been changed, so the game can no longer find the parts of your previous trucks and crashes. Once you have sold all FL Classic XL trucks, you can activate and buy the new truck. Keep this in mind for other profiles as well.

– Added 3 different versions of the truck: one old, used truck, one new standard truck, and one new luxury truck.
– Some parts are not available for the used truck (can you configure a used car that was built a long time ago?)
– 3 different interiors, which cannot be changed between these 3 versions. The used truck will always remain a used truck, as well as the others.
– Only used engines are available for the used truck.
– 4 kinds of steering wheels for all trucks.
– Added slots to the front grill and some bumpers.
– Added the collisions for advanced coupling (may be shown in a different video).
– Added engines with sound by Kriechbaum.
– Added the Long Tube from scania 143M (author may be Ekualizer?).
– Added bumperguides, taken from the Peterbilt 389 (don’t know the author 🙁 ).
– NO female passengers for the old, used truck (which girl would enter such an old vehicle? ;-), female passengers are only possible for the standard and luxury versions.

I hope that this truck is an inspiration to create more used trucks or mods with different versions of the truck. The inspiration for this truck came from the Freightliner FLB+ by Slipaiis and the same new truck by Solaris36, which was divided into 2 garage slots. I like old and used trucks. And by that, I don’t just mean old TYPES of trucks, but I mean USED and old trucks with clear signs of extensive usage. Real workhorses, with the taste and smell of long trips, a long history of usage, and trucks that look like they can tell many stories. Trucks with a touch of adventure, a long time ago. Trucks with character.

Solaris36, Softclub-NSK, Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar, dmitry68, Kriechbaum, Odd_fellow, Ventyres, John Ruda, memes, John Ruda, Drive Safely, Slipaiis, Truckercharly, Skiner, Direct Modding, Lucasi, Wadethe3rd, Pauly, Imperator3, MixaSen, TKK5050-3Chome, LucasI_, EviL
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