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Klaas’ Economy – V1.1.4.1 (steam release)

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This mod, called Klaas’ Economy, aims to create a realistic atmosphere in the game. The minimum income for Quickjobs is approximately $0.70 per mile, while Freightmarket jobs offer at least $1 per mile. AI drivers will generate a minimum of $150 per day or $0.60 per mile. The mod also introduces a new loan system that increases your loan limit as you level up, up to a maximum of $5,000,000. In addition, there are real limits for driving and sleeping time, and the fuel discount for garages has been increased to 20%. When selling a truck, you will receive a refund of 75% of its value. Experience gain has been reduced, making it harder to level up compared to the vanilla game. Due to the low income, saving fuel and developing the Fuel Economy skill will be crucial. Until you reach level 8, you will need to take Quickjobs to earn money, as your bank loan limit will only allow you to buy a stock truck at that point. Maintaining insurance at a low cost will be important for maximizing profit, as even regular tire damage can cause problems. While fines have been reduced, they still pose a threat to your earnings. However, the frequency of police encounters has been decreased, and fines will not be doubled if a police car is nearby. The probability of receiving fines has been reduced in certain cases, especially when there is no police car in the vicinity. Finally, fines will increase as you level up.

The mod’s changelog includes a fix for truck wear damage.

Klaas’ Economy – V1.1.4 (steam release)

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