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EXP x7 and money x7 / more experience

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Experience and Money Boost x7 for Enhanced Progression

IMPORTANT – This modification enhances experience and monetary rewards for freight deliveries, but not for Quick Jobs. To fully benefit from this mod, it is recommended to own your own truck 😉
With this mod, you can enjoy an Experience Boost x7 and a Money Boost x7, along with a +100% bonus for delivering cargo such as ADR, Fragile, Just in Time, etc. This means that you will earn seven times the experience and money for every mile traveled. Furthermore, this mod is compatible with custom trailers, ensuring seamless integration with any other mods you may have installed.

Here is what you can expect from this mod:

– Experience Boost x7 and/or Money Boost x7 (including x7 experience for hired drivers)
– 50% discount for purchasing fuel at garages
– Parking bonus – earn additional experience or money based on your preferred parking method.

You can choose to download either the Experience Boost x7 mod from the first link or the combined Experience Boost x7 and Money Boost x7 mod from the second link.

Heavy truck: Optimus Prime, Western Star 5700- 1.5.3s Mod

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