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The CONCEPT FLIGHT OF FANTASY V2 comes with templates for both 2 and 3 channels. It also includes a rear view camera that operates when the right mirror is switched on. In automatic transmission, the camera activates automatically in reverse gear, while in manual transmission, the emergency gear is activated. To turn off the camera on the bumper, go to the ui / gps_concept.sii script and change the coords_t value from 90 to 0. The vehicle has a collision detection system for the 5 wheels. For the electro chassis version, it is recommended to use automatic transmission. Enjoy your trip with this fantastic vehicle. Additionally, an electro version inspired by the Nikola One style has been added, ensuring compatibility with OpenGL. The rear view camera is implemented as a separate mod.

The ATS version 1.5.* of the CONCEPT FLIGHT OF FANTASY V2 is available with the following links:

  1. Concept_truck v. 2
  2. Rear view camera (Realism style)
  3. Adds support for “Cabin Accessory”
model Author: alexart247 Launch in the ATC: dmitry68 Sounds: default Sounds elektro engine: Kriechbaum
EXP x7 and money x7 / more experience
GATE anime (peterbilt 389 read discription!)

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