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Heavy truck: Optimus Prime, Western Star 5700- 1.5.3s Mod

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A heavy truck called Optimus Prime, Western Star 5700-ATS 1.5.3s Mod is now available. This truck is autonomous and can be purchased at the Peterbilt cabin. It has a gallery for truck orders and agencies and offers a small selection of accessories for rent. The truck emits smoke from its chimneys in a 3×2 pattern. There are multiple engine and transmission options to choose from. Additionally, there are various skins available for customization. The mod is compatible with the game log.

To enhance the truck, you can add additional wheels and accessories. One option is the Freightliner style wheels created by authors rockchevelle and guidot. Another option is the Alcoa Wheels v1.0 created by authors Ventures87 (wendi), Chris (bay0net), RBR-DUK (rbr_duk), Jon (cascadia), and converted by viper2. There is also a tire pack update created by author stewowe.

It is important to note that the Freightliner Coronado cannot be used simultaneously with this mod.

The model for this truck was created by Fabio Contier, and the skins were made by Grinder. The mod has been updated and corrected for version ATS 1.5.3s by losevo58.

Model author: Fabio Contier. Skins: Grinder. Correction of errors and changes in version ATS 1.5.3s: losevo58
AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 1.9
EXP x7 and money x7 / more experience

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