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The ATS Engine + Sound ATS mod collection offers a variety of options for enhancing your truck’s engine and sound capabilities. Please note that using these mods is optional, and you have the freedom to delete them from your PC if you choose.

To use these mods, simply follow the user manual instructions. They will not affect your game progress, and you can activate or replace a single mod while the game is paused. It’s important to remember to only use one mod at a time for optimal performance.

This collection includes twelve mods specifically designed for the trucks (SCS) ATS:

  • * – Kenworth W900 and T680
  • * – Peterbilt 389 and 579

These mods allow you to customize your trucks’ engines, transmissions, sounds, and even the headlights. Each mod in the collection offers a unique combination of features and enhancements.

Here is the list of mods available:

  1. ATS_Engine-6v92ta_500_ver.18.I.27.scs
  2. ATS_Engine-cat15_595_ver.18.I.27.scs
  3. ATS_Engine-cat3406_550_ver.18.I.27.scs
  4. ATS_Engine-dc28v8i_760_ver.18.I.27.scs
  5. ATS_Engine-dd16_600_ver.18.I.27.scs
  6. ATS_Engine-dd60_585_ver.18.I.27.scs
  7. ATS_Engine-dds92_500_ver.18.I.27.scs
  8. ATS_Engine-isx15_605_ver.18.I.27.scs
  9. ATS_Engine-isxs_720_ver.18.I.27.scs
  10. ATS_Engine-mx13_510_ver.18.I.27.scs
  11. ATS_Engine-n14_600_ver.18.I.27.scs
  12. ATS_Engine-n14c_610_ver.18.I.27.scs

All of these mods are included in the ATS_engine_for_all_truck_ver.18.I.27.rar archive, which has a file size of approximately 24mb. It’s worth noting that these mods were created using parts from other mods, such as those by Kriechbaum and other authors.

COMBO V18.I.23 Part

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