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You have the option to use or delete these mods from your PC. Feel free to distribute them on your own.

This mod is compatible with American Truck Simulator version 1.30.x.

During the creation of this mod, parts from other mods were used, including XEBEKzs’ adviser mod, among others.

The complete mod can be found in the archive ATS_combo-mod_ver.18.I.23.rar, which is approximately 50mb in size.

The specific component of this combo-mod is called MASSSM_ATS_ver.18.I.23.scs.

This combo-mod brings changes to the following aspects:

  • M – Mirrors (position and size)
  • A – Adviser (position)
  • S – Sound (refills, messages, etc.)
  • S – Sleeping (2 hours and 30 minutes)
  • S – Steering (turning radius)
  • M – Music (in the menu)

From this combo-mod, you can delete any components that are not necessary for you, except for the M – Mirror component:

  • A – Adviser
  • S – Sound
  • S – Sleeping
  • S – Steering
  • M – Music


To delete unnecessary components, simply run the CMD file:#_edit_combo-mod.cmd

For 64-bit Windows, select the components you want to delete. For 32-bit Windows, the process is unclear.

The CMD file will create a new mod with a name like: Edit_Mxxxxx_ATS_ver.18.I.23.scs.

To use the original mod, you need to keep the MASSSM_ATS_ver.18.I.23.scs file alongside the CMD file.

Engine + Sound

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