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2014 Rogers FG65L Skin

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The 2014 Rogers FG65L Skin ATS is a standalone trailer skin that can be used on any map. It has been tested on versions,,, and of the game. This skin is also compatible with many other packs. The pack includes 8 different cargo options for you to transport.

A special thanks goes out to the team at who made it possible for me to create this mod. Without their support, I wouldn’t have had the amazing opportunity to design this trailer and collaborate with them to develop more mods for the community to enjoy.

Once again, thank you to TRAYSCAPES TRUCKING!

– Empty
– Empty Wooden Coils
– Wooden Coils with Wire
– Stainless Steel Coils
– Copper Coils
– Scratched Metal Coils
– Rusty Metal Coils
– Paper Coils

Please note that this mod is copyrighted and licensed under the M4OQ-DOXX-YBVL-VIV9 license.

Zetor165Maxterra – Convert and Rework for ATS and Cargo’s petercar379 (Corey) – Wheel’s bansheewoj – Original Trailer Model Smarty – Air Lines Trayscapes – Idea’s for the Cargo’s and Research
508Map Mix XXL Beta 1.4.X
508Map Mix

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