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508Map Mix XXL Beta 1.4.X

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508Map Mix XXL Beta ATS1.4.X ATS

Let’s clarify something about my past map: we don’t create maps, we simply add to them. With that being said, if there are any issues, it’s most likely due to the ongoing issues with C2C and MEX INTER, as they are the foundation for this map. This map is currently functioning, but we can’t guarantee it’s 100% due to the base map and various mods out there. Here are the details:

– Added IKEA, MCD, and BK with their own jobs. Please note that some may work and some may not. We are working on it.

– Added Trenton, NJ

– Added more Volvo dealers

– Some cities have been updated to include the new company

This map has been tested extensively. Each city addition and update has been driven around to ensure everything works properly. Feel free to voice any concerns or criticize the map, but be aware that it may cause issues when loading. Make sure to check your mods and, if necessary, start a new profile. Also, please do not attempt to load this on version 1.3.

Heavy Alex,Rickpp,ManiaX, Mantrid, 508Studio for the remix
2014 Rogers FG65L Skin

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