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508Map Mix for ATS

We are not mappers, but we always add flavor to the game. This time, we took it to a whole new level with COQUIHALLA HIGHWAY. Many people have been asking why everything is ICE ROAD, so we decided to bring HIGHWAY THRU HELL to the game. Keep in mind that it won’t be 100% the same, but we have tried to get as close as possible. We have added the towns of HOPE, MERRITT, and LAC LA BICHE. We have also revamped Kamloops and Fort Mcmurray. Some things are still being worked on for the next update, and if someone wants to take over with credits, they are welcome to do so. We have added snow roads and northern lights to enhance the experience.

Credits for the base map go to Rickpp (INTERSTATE), ManiaX (MEXUSCAN), and Mantrid (COAST2COAST).

This is a 2-1 map, so please remove MEXUSCAN and INTERSTATE as they are included in this map mod. Nothing has been removed, we have only added to it.

Follow the given order and do not use this map with MEX or INTER. It may cause crashes and it has not been tested with any other map.

2014 Rogers FG65L Skin

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