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Volvo VNL670 v1.5.1 by Aradeth

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This is the updated version 1.5.1 of the Volvo VNL670 by Aradeth for ATS.

* To find the truck, go to the VOLVO Dealer in San Francisco, Las Vegas, or Tucson. You will need to discover the dealerships first.

* This mod is error-free and compatible with both MAC and Windows. If you experience any crashes or errors, it’s not because of this mod.

* It is compatible with ATS version 1.5.

Main features:

– It offers 12 different chassis options.

– You can choose from Volvo, Cat, ISX, Cummins, and Paccar engines, each with their own unique sounds.

– It supports I-Shift, Eaton Fuller, and Allison transmissions.

– There are 5 different interiors available, with support for 900 and 1800 degree steering wheels.

– Full animation support for various features such as the wheel, GPS, transmission, pedals, indicators, sticks, and even a TV.

– It can be used as a standalone truck or in quick jobs.

– It is compatible with all DLCs.

– You have a wide variety of options for exterior and interior customization, with over 300 different options for 60+ parts of the truck, as well as various accessories.


v1.5.1 (Dec 14, 2016)

– Added 2 different fenders for lift axles on the 8xx chassis, each with different material variants.

– Introduced new EU style fenders with material variants, and they now come with slots.

– Added a paint variant for roof window frames.

– Included material variants for roof antennas, and they are now removable along with the mirrors.

– Added a paintable variant of the bugshield, with or without a logo.

– Included 3 more chassis options: 6×2*4, 8×4*4, and 6×4 midlift for lowered trucks.

– All the bumpers now have bottom grill options with fixed slots.

– Added a new USA Eagle truck skin.

– Added an Allison transmission.

– Some of the “D” engines and ISX engines (only with old sounds) have been removed. It is recommended to use galimim’s “Volvo VNL Drivetrain revision” mod for more realistic engines and transmissions.

– Overall, various cleaning, merging, renaming, correcting, and reworking has been done.

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