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The TRUCKS PHYSICS V1.0 mod for ATS will enhance the driving experience in the game. Let’s take a look at the changes made to the transmission, suspension, and other features.

#For the transmission:

– The clutch grab has been increased to 1.0 from 0.5 specifically for Manual H shifter users.

– The RPM will now drop slower than the default physics, resembling a lightweight flywheel on a car. The new value is 0.46.

– For the Automatic version, the transmission physics will be updated in the future, but currently, it remains the same as the stock physics.

#For suspension:

– Previously, the truck and trailer would roll and pitch together. However, with this mod, they can now roll and pitch separately up to 30 degrees in both directions.

– If the truck encounters a bump, only the truck itself will roll, while the trailer maintains its normal position.

– The suspension has been slightly softened compared to the stock physics, resulting in a more realistic rebound when going over bumps.


– This mod is recommended for use with a 500-650HP truck with around 2800lb-tq. If you have a higher HP requirement, please contact me privately, and I can adjust the physics accordingly.

– The mod works with all trucks and cars in the game, except for cars where it is not recommended to use.

– Please note that this mod is still a work in progress, and further improvements may be made in future updates.

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