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Stater Bros. Mack Combo

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Introducing the Stater Bros. Mack Combo ATS

This unique combo has been a long-awaited project for me! Ever since the Mack Pinnacle made its debut on mod sharing websites back in December 2016, I knew I wanted to create this combo. And now, with the recent update, it has only gotten better. However, I’m certain there are still more improvements to come.

Stater Brothers is a popular grocery store chain located in various parts of Southern California, where I happen to reside. I frequently spot this truck while commuting to and from work at least once a week. This skin for the cab and trailer is specifically designed for ATS version 1.5.3. Keep in mind that its compatibility may vary if you are using a lower version of ATS. Go ahead and download it for a delightful experience.

for truck skin: Spawning Salmon
Melton Truck Lines Mod

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