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Skoda Superb v 1.4

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Introducing the Skoda Superb v 1.4 for ATS. We have made several improvements and fixes to enhance your gaming experience. Read on to learn about the exciting changes we have made:

  • We have added real logos to make the game more realistic.
  • The tachometer now accurately shows the idle and maximum engine speed. The engine can spin up to 7 thousand RPM, which is not only displayed in the animation but also in the motor parameters.
  • We have fixed a crash bug that was causing issues.
  • Engine parameters have been correctly configured, and the PPC is now running smoothly.
  • The wheels have been replaced with standard car tires and a truck drive. You no longer need to separately prescribe wheel turns, as the game will handle it automatically without any issues.
  • We have included an exclusive interior by default, as the standard salon cut did not look suitable for the European interior in America.
  • The physics of the truck now only affects air resistance. The main events of the truck physics no longer have an impact.
  • We have fixed the random appearance of discs, nuts, and hubs from a truck.
  • The stock painting has been replaced with a free palette. Painting the body in the game was causing crashes, so we have made this adjustment.
  • We have adjusted the view from the cockpit and made some improvements to the seating position.
  • The engine sound in the cabin is now quieter compared to the outside, creating a more realistic experience.
  • We have removed car upgrades as they were causing issues with sound. Restarting the game did not help, so the only solution is to buy a new car in the cabin.

These updates aim to provide you with a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. Get ready to hit the road with the improved Skoda Superb v 1.4 for ATS!

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