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Concept Flight of Fantasy BETA [REL]

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Concept Flight of Fantasy BETA [REL] for ATS

This track can only be experienced in the virtual world of SCS, not on actual roads. It is a standalone track available at the Kenworth dealer. It provides templates for both 2 and 3 channels. To activate the rear view camera, simply switch on the left mirror using F2 (second click). In automatic transmission mode, the camera is automatically turned on when in reverse gear, while in manual transmission mode, the emergency gear is activated. To disable the bumper camera, go to the ui/gps_concept.sii script and change the name in the group “RightMirror” by modifying the coords_t from 90 to 0. This track has a collision feature for 5 wheels. It is important to connect both parts of the archive for the full experience. Have a great trip! Compatible with game version 1.2.x.

alexart247, dmitry68
Radio V 4.1 Mod
Skoda Superb v 1.4

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