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SiSL’s Mega feat. Star Wars DLC 2.1

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SiSL’s Mega feat. Star Wars DLC 2.1 for American Truck Simulator

This mod is currently in an alpha state and may not be compatible with all truck mods. It requires supported modded trucks that have available slots.

With over 400+ cabin accessory items, this mod offers a wide variety of options to customize your truck. It includes female and male co-drivers, bobbleheads, accessories for truck drivers’ needs, snacks, electronic devices, computers and tablets, scarves, air fresheners, toys, and much more.

Additionally, you can easily personalize certain items to your own preference, such as a picture frame, your own mug, and your country flag, which can be downloaded from the official Facebook page’s Download tab. Detailed information on customization can also be found on the Facebook page.

Important: If you are upgrading from version 1.x or higher, please ensure that you remove all existing items from your trucks and delete the old mod files.

You can browse all the available items on the Official Page[] and stay updated with the latest news on our Facebook page by liking and subscribing.

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