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MEXUSCAN V1.6 for ATS is now playable without the need for any additional map mods. It is also compatible with coast to coast, although you will need the MHAPro-C2C_Patch.scs file for full functionality. This version works well with MHAPro 1.3 and Coast to Coast 1.6.

1. MHAPro compatibility patch
2. mexuscan
3. coast to coast

In version 1.6, there have been several changes and improvements. The world map background has been reworked, and Yellowknife and the northwest territories have been added. Additionally, numerous bugs have been fixed.

Version 1.5 introduced even more new features. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Thunder Bay, Halifax, and Toronto have been added to the map. Roads now have names, flags represent countries, and welcome signs indicate states.

Version 1.4 expanded the coverage area to include the states of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec. The cities of Winnipeg and Montreal have been added as well. Road prefabs have been reconstructed, and new interchange stations, gas stations, and parking lots for drivers have been included. Texture and minor bugs have been fixed and refined.

Version 1.3 is compatible with ATS 1.2 and has fixed texture problems that would cause the game to crash. The coefficient of damage has been adjusted to 0, and Prince Rupert and a gas station have been added.

In the latest release, version 1.2, the speed limits have been changed. The provinces of Alberta and Montana have been added, as well as the cities of Calgary and Edmonton. Various bugs have also been fixed.

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