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Reshade v3.0.8 + SweetFX v2.0 Final (Preset v1.4)

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Reshade v3.0.8 + SweetFX v2.0 Final (Preset v1.4) ATS ATS

This preset, created by JuanBonX, enhances the gaming experience by providing more vivid and realistic colors.


– Enhances colors to make them more vibrant.

– Improves clarity.

– Enhances sharpness.

The latest update includes adjustments in HDR and Tonemap, as well as a 4% increase in the intensity of the Glow effect (Bloom) for both SweetFX and Reshade.

It’s worth noting that the Filter FXAA has been activated in SweetFX v2.0 and Reshade v3.0.8, but with a low intensity to ensure it doesn’t affect the quality of the game environment.

To achieve the best results, make the following adjustments in the game settings:

– Turn off Anti-Aliasing (MLAA).

– Turn on High Dynamic Range.

– Turn off Depth of Field (DOF).

– Turn on Rays of Sunshine.

– Turn off Color Correction.

– Set Anisotropic Filtering to Maximum.

I highly recommend playing the game in ULTRA graphics settings with a 400% Scaling.

This preset is compatible with most games.

Remember, a simple thank you costs nothing.

JuanBonX (Mod), (Autor), Crosire (Reshade)
Physics Mods V2.5 1.28+ – For Manual Drivers
USA Offroad Alaska v1.1 v1.1.1.x By 246 Studios

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