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Realistic Weather by BlackStorm v 2.0

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BlackStorm’s Realistic Weather mod, version 2.0, is a climate modification for American Truck Simulator. Based on the Piva Weather Mod, this version offers several improvements:

– The mod has been adapted for the latest version 1.6.x of American Truck Simulator.

– Obsolete files have been removed.

– The size of some textures has been adjusted.

This mod is compatible with any map, including the MHAPro Map.

What’s new in Version 2.0:

– Textures have been reduced in size.

– New lights have been added for the AI traffic.

– All sky textures have been reworked and are now in high definition.

– Nights are now darker for a more realistic experience.

– This mod has 0% lag and does not produce any errors in the game log.

Some notable features of this mod include:

– 62 high-resolution sky textures.

– 13 types of weather during the day.

– 12 types of dawn.

– 13 types of sunset.

– 14 types of evening.

– Multiple types of night.

– No Bloom effect.

– Realistic cloud shadows.

– Vibrant and realistic colors.

– Variable weather conditions.

Recommendations for optimal experience:

– Enable HDR in the game settings.

– Disable color correction.

– Make sure this mod is placed at the top of the active mods list.

This mod has been tested on game version

Kindly refrain from uploading this mod to any other server.

BlackStorm, PIVA
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