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Physics Mods v 2.3 1.6.x + – For Manual Drivers

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Physics Mods v2.3 for 1.6.x + – Improving Manual Driving in ATS

Hello everyone, this physics mod enhances the transmission and suspension experience.

Additionally, this update introduces the option to have truck cabin suspension. It should work with other trucks, unless there is another mod that affects cabin and chassis files.

There are only two trucks that this mod supports:
1. Peterbilt 389 SCS
2. Kenworth W900 SCS

It activates the cabin suspension to provide a realistic feel (not sure why it was deactivated before). When driving over bumps or making turns, the cabin will start to move and the suspension will bounce accordingly.

Please note that this update is still a work in progress.

#Transmission Changes:
– The only change made is a decrease in clutch friction (from 0.5 to 0.65) for manual H shifters only.
– I have also made adjustments to the torque. Decreasing the value will affect the torque of your truck.
– For example, if your truck has a torque of 2500lb and you change this value, it will not remain the same. To maintain 100% of the torque number, I set it back to 1.0.
– The scaling of the flywheel determines how much the RPM will drop. A heavier flywheel will result in a slower drop in RPM.
– This concept is similar to a stock flywheel versus an aftermarket lightweight flywheel in cars.
– Work is still in progress for sequential and automatic modes.
– Please note that the values are not stock, so you may notice some changes.
– I am striving to make the transmission changes smoother.

#Suspension Changes:
– Now the trailer and truck can roll and pitch separately, up to 30 degrees in both directions.
– This means that if the truck rolls over a bump, only the truck will roll and not the trailer.
– The trailer will remain in its normal position and can pitch or roll, so be cautious.
– The suspension is slightly softer than the stock physics.
– This means that the truck will rebound slightly when driving over a bump, adding a touch of realism.
– You will now see the truck shaking in the cabin when going over a bump or other obstacles.

#Other Physics Changes
– I have also adjusted the mass of the truck and wheels.
– The truck’s mass was reduced from 2300 to 1800.
– The wheel mass of the truck was decreased from 300 to 200.
– Two SCS trucks now have the option for cabin suspension.
– Work is still in progress for these changes.

The goal of this mod is to transform the “worst” physics into a more realistic driving experience. Although I haven’t driven a real truck in real life, I have learned from YouTube videos.

This mod is recommended for use with a steering wheel and clutch pedal, but it can also be used with other controllers.

If you want, I can provide updates for this mod!

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