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This mod changes the textures of the roads in the ATS map. If you enjoy taking beautiful pictures and want to see a fresh perspective of the ATS world, then this mod is perfect for you! The majority of the road textures are new and have been created based on real-life photographs.

Just to let you know, the screenshots for this mod were taken while using FRKN64’s Realistic Graphics Mod with the Darker Graphics Add-on, brightness set at 40% and Color Correction turned off. Alongside my other mods, such as Enhanced Vegetation (currently in progress and will be released at a later date) and New Mountain textures.

In version 1.0:
– All roads in the game have new, improved textures with different types of asphalt.
– The default texture has been reworked to have a dark gray, sharpened and darkened asphalt look.
– A variation of the dark gray asphalt with minor lengthwise cracks has been created.
– A new texture for gray, worn, good quality pavement has been added.
– A new texture for semi-worn gray asphalt has been included.
– The mod introduces a light gray, high quality pavement texture.
– A light gray pavement with minor lengthwise cracks is also part of the mod.
– A light gray pavement with numerous patched cracks has been added.
– Two types of bright tile concrete pavement for highways have been completely reworked from the default textures.
– The narrow roads now have a reworked concrete pavement texture.
– Road lines have been sharpened and made more vibrant.
– Various minor texture corrections have been made to the roads.

This mod is compatible with map mods and has been tested on ATS v1.6 and 1.28 beta.

Evangelion Paintjobs Mod
New Mountain Textures v 3.2

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