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New Mountain Textures v 3.2

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Introducing New Mountain Textures v 3.2 for ATS

This mod enhances the appearance of mountains throughout the map of ATS. If you enjoy capturing breathtaking images and want to experience a fresh perspective of the world of ATS, then this mod is perfect for you! It adds a more realistic and varied look to mountains, deserts in California, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and the red rocks scattered around the map.

Important note: The screenshots displayed for this mod were captured while using FRKN64’s Realistic Graphics Mod with Darker Graphics Add-on, with the brightness set at 40% and Color Correction turned off. Additionally, there are other mods I am currently developing (Realistic Roads and Enhanced Vegetation) that will be released separately and are not included in this mod.

In version 1.0, the following changes were made:
– Replaced textures for mountain assets that are predominantly used across the game world.

In version 2.0, the following additions were made:
– Introduced a new texture for hills in the deserts of California (e.g., visible on highway 395 from Carson City to Los Angeles)
– Added a new texture for hills located behind trees along the road from Redding to Reno
– Updated the texture for the snow-covered mountain on route 5 from Redding to Hornbrook
– Enhanced the texture for the cliffs of the Grand Canyon in the Grand Canyon Village
– Made some minor corrections to environmental textures.

In version 2.3, the following enhancements were made:
– Improvements were made to some previously added textures
– Introduced a new texture for hills in the deserts of California and Nevada
– Updated the texture for cliffs visible from a distance along the coast (west of Oakland)
– Made some minor corrections.

In version 2.7, the following changes were implemented:
– Adjusted textures from the previous version
– Added new textures for hills in California deserts
– Tweaked default textures for mountains specifically found in Arizona
– Modified default textures for cliffs in Arizona to have a red-toned appearance for a more diverse and realistic look.

In version 3.2, the following improvements were made:
– Completely reworked the texture for the most commonly used mountain assets (from version 1.0)
– Introduced a new texture for hills in the deserts
– Remodeled textures for rocks in the deserts and the snow-covered mountain on route 5, north of Redding
– Sharpened, darkened, and saturated all terrain textures for a more realistic appearance
– Adjusted some terrain textures in Arizona to have a red-toned appearance, matching the red rocks and cliffs
– Added a new texture for the mountain visible from highway 10, west of Tucson, Arizona
– Made some other minor texture corrections.

This mod is compatible with map mods and has been tested on ATS v1.6 and 1.28 beta versions.


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