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Realistic Lighting 2 JBX v1.2 (28-1-2018) Mod

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JBX v1.2 Realistic Lighting 2 (28-1-2018) Modification

Brief: This amendment enhances illumination, hue, automatic brightness adjustment, pathways, footpaths, terrain, and introduces some further enhancements.

Utilize my JBX Preset 1.9.7 from Reshade & SweetFX to ensure the game environment looks its best.

– Naturalistic Bloom
– Optimal Lighting
– No Opacity of Glass
– Reduced Auto Exposure
– Superior Color Saturation
– Naturalistic Color Temperature

v1.2: Tweaks and enhancements in lighting profiles and surrounding textures. The add-on (No bloom) isn’t essential for version 1.2. The pack consists of the Preset v1.9.7 of Reshade & SweetFX.

Better illumination
Enhanced Color
Reduced Brightness
Improved Clarity in the Dashboard

Pivotal: Avoid using my Mod JBX 2 (SCS) with unsupported custom maps.

In-Game Required Settings*
– Anti-Aliasing (MLAA): SWITCH OFF (*)
– High Dynamic Range: SWITCH ON (*)
– Depth of Field (DOF): SWITCH OFF (*)
– Sunbeams: SWITCH ON (*)
– Color Amendment: SWITCH ON (*)
– Anisotropic Filtering: Push to Maximum (*)

I suggest playing at peak graphic quality + 400% Scaling + Full HD
Use every graphic adjustment I recommend for superior visual quality. But, it has an impact on performance*

Mandatory adjustments for my Mod JBX 2 (SCS) and Preset v1.9.7 (Config.cfg)

uset r_gamma “1” (Crucial)
uset r_cloud_shadows “0” (Elective)
uset r_color_correction “1” (Crucial)

Location: DocumentsAmerican Truck Simulatorconfig.cfg
Location: DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2config.cfg

Reminder: Exit game before altering config.cfg

Alert: If you wish to use any configurations of mine, ask for it and do give a credit to JuanBonX.

Compatibility: (ATS) Versions 1.6.x, 1.28.x, 1.29.x, 1.30.x, Maps of Viva México, CanaDream, Coast to Coast, MexssiMap, Spring Weather,

JuanBonX (Preset), (SweetFX), Crosire (Reshade)

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