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Real Logos Project (update 15 March)

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The Real Logos Project has undergone several changes, as outlined below:

Changes completed:

  • The UDS van has been replaced with the UPS logo.
  • The BFLM locomotive now features the BNSF logo, with credit to QBall3577 for providing the RGB part of the new texture.
  • The Dear John 2517 has been updated to the John Deere 8110.
  • Komat’s Sun has been changed to Komatsu (Stockton).
  • Dep Boy has been transformed into Pep Boys (Stockton).
  • Nam Nam Donuts has been rebranded as Yum Yum Donuts (Stockton).
  • Deldago Tires has changed to Delgado Tires (Stockton).
  • Oakland Shippers has been replaced by the Port of Oakland logo.
  • Vine Creek Vineyard is now known as Tablas Creek Vineyard.
  • Herren Rentals is now Ahern Rentals.
  • Hotel Holiday has been rebranded as Holiday Inn (Los Angeles).
  • Cuovo Silver is now Cuervo Silver (Los Angeles).
  • Mac has changed to Jack in the Box (Los Angeles).
  • Drive Aid has been replaced with Rite Aid (Los Angeles).
  • Safe Personal Storage is now Public Storage.
  • Halgreens has transformed into Walgreens (Reno).
  • The Colorado casino has been rebranded as El Dorado (Reno).
  • Jarrahs is now Harrah’s (Reno), including a replacement of the fake “Zone 22” logo with the real “Zone 21” logo.
  • The “Glove” show poster has been changed to “Love” (Las Vegas). However, the game still pastes fake text on it.
  • The Miracle is now The Mirage (Las Vegas).
  • Monte Bianco has been replaced with Monte Carlo (Las Vegas).
  • Mandela Bay Hotel has been rebranded as Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas).
  • The Nailhouse motel is now known as Jailhouse (Ely).
  • Hotel Navada has been corrected to Hotel Nevada (with font and donkey gender issues still present). A model change is also needed to fix the front sign.
  • A Greyhound dog logo has been added to the Greyhound bus station (Fresno).
  • Martin’s Pub now features the Carl’s Jr. logo (Fresno).
  • Dream Drink has been changed to Coca Cola (Fresno).
  • The Saskia Motel has been rebranded as Sands Motel (Fresno). However, the font for “MOTEL” is still incorrect.
  • Speed 9 has been replaced with Super 8 (Fresno).
  • Penny’s has been transformed into Wendy’s (Fresno).
  • Farland bus has been changed to Greyhound.
  • N-Hool box truck is now U-Haul.
  • CarZone has been updated to AutoZone.
  • The FAPA Auto Parts billboard now showcases NAPA Auto Parts.
  • Araon’s has been rebranded as Aaron’s.
  • The PostEd van is now FedEx.

This update has been tested using the version of the game.

Freightliner Argosy Reworked v2.0 Truck

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