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Real Companies & Pack of v 1.4 Trailers

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The Real Companies & Pack of v 1.4 Trailers for ATS is a fashion mod that replaces most of the default companies in the game. This includes changing the names, logos, signs, and trailers of the real companies. Additionally, some of the skins of the default trailers have been replaced with new ones.

Here is a list of the replacements that have been made:

  • 42 Print – Vistaprint
  • Bitumen – Caterpillar
  • Bushnell Farms – Kraft Heinz
  • Charged – Best Buy
  • Chemso – ExxonMobil
  • Darchelle – E & J Gallo
  • Eddys – 7 Eleven
  • Gallon Oil – Chevron
  • HMS – John Deere
  • Plaster & Sons – Beazer Homes
  • Rail Export – Union Pacific
  • SellGoods – Costco
  • Sunshine – Dole
  • Wallbert – Walmart
  • JC Penny changed – Costco

To install the mod, simply place it in the Mod folder and enable it in the mod manager. This mod is compatible with game versions 1.6.x.

Trailer by Omenman v 7.0

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