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A new version of the USA Trailers Pack for ATS has been released. This version, 1.1, includes several updates and additions:

– The trailers now have shadows for LOD trailers.

– 6 new trailers have been added.

This mod introduces a variety of new standalone trailers with non-refrigerated cargoes. All trailers support advanced coupling and are included in traffic. However, please note that some trailers can only be found in specific companies. These trailers use custom cargoes and unfortunately cannot be selected from the “Trailer selection” menu due to technical limitations.

The following companies are associated with specific trailers:

– BestBuy: Charged

– Dow Chemical: Chemso

– Kiewit: Coastline Mining

– Meritage Homes: Plaster & Sons

– Cafepress: 42 Print

– UPS: SellGoods

– Walmart: Wallbert

– Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: Voltison

– Monsanto: Sunshine Crops

– KraftHeinz: Bushnell Farms

– Schramsberg: Darchelle Uzau

There are also trailers without logos. These trailers belong to Oakland Shippers, Phoenix Freight, Port of San Francisco, and Rail Export. Some trailers contain only one type of cargo, but they can be found in different companies.

In addition to the custom cargoes, there are trailers available in the “Trailer selection” menu that use default cargoes. The exception is the Bad Dragon trailer, which has a new cargo:

– Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola: beverages

– Bad Dragon: Bad dragon sex toys

– Razer: computers

– Bridgestone: tyres

– Puma: clothes

– Lego: toys

– McDonalds, Subway: packaged food

– AMD: electronic components

– Samsung: TVs

Other trailers may contain various default cargoes and can be found in different companies. All of these trailers are available in the “Trailer selection” menu.

BigBadWerewolf (new skins, adding cargoes, minor original textures changes); FastFox (Bad Dragon skin); Cyrus TheVirus, David Corley, Solaris36, Stewowe (original “USA Trailers Pack Update 1.3” mod); SCS (wheels).
Real Companies & Pack of v 1.4 Trailers

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