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Peterbilt 579 Enhanced

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A Look at the Enhanced ATS Peterbilt 579

Key Highlights:

– Beta version of 80-inch high and mid-roof cabins with lengthier chassis and a range of side skirts

– Internal cabin lights exclusively for sleepers

– Introduction of “r_grill” attachment point compatible with Aradeth’s components like lights and horns plus an example set of roof slot configurations. It also encompasses a roofbar.

– Addition and alteration of various bullbars

– Set of standard W900 rooftop marker lights. Designed for sleepers.

– Right side mounted Carrier APU/Aux Air-conditioner unit, placed behind the tanks, on a dedicated slot. Adapted from Viper’s 389. Be noted that it only applies to sleepers.

– Provides a “Beacon” mount point compatible with Aradeth/Ohaha’s components from the VNL

– Offers Exhausts for sleepers which includes Short Double Caliber, outward-angled rear, and side stacks modified from Pendragon models

– Presents a range of Viper’s 389 fenders adjusted for the 579 (quarter/half/full fenders for sleepers included)

– Added neon effect under the chassis for sleepers

– Increased options for side skirts, available with or without actual plastic skirts

– Radiator grill Peterbilt logos in Chrome or illuminated (white) variants adapted from Viper’s 389

– Includes side blinkers, designed solely for sleepers

– Available Sideflares for sleepers which consists of models with a division for side exhausts, lengthier sideflare panels, and double-row sideflare

– Toolbox on the rear-left side or steps designed for the no-plastic sideskirts

– window deflectors

– Introduced additional horn adaptors (1.4)

– rack mount for 76-inch sleepers

Other Suggested 579-Related Mods (not included in this package):

– Beacons by D3S and Matgamer
– ETS Tuning Parts for ATS 1.1 fixed by Aradeth
– SCS Extra Bumpers and Parts 1.3/1.5 by Pendragon
– EPIQ fairings by GT Mike
– Big T’s flashers
– Shorty’s wheel pack
– 50keda’s ETS2 accessories were found mostly compatible

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