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Freightliner Argosy Reworked v 2.2.1 1.3 by H.TRUCKER

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Introducing the Refurbished Freightliner Argosy Reworked v 2.2.1 suitable for 1.3 by H.TRUCKER ATS

This vehicle is a reinterpretation of the original Freightliner Argosy v2.1 Reworked model by odd_fellow, reengineered to be compatible with the 1.3 version of the American Truck Simulator.

We’ve refurbished my old mod. The vehicle now appears more closely aligned with its real-life counterpart. Every aspect is new – the exterior, interior, upgraded parts, sounds, and more. Unfortunately, due to the extensive changes, the UV template also had to be revised, which may need skinmakers to adjust.

The vehicle can be purchased at the Peterbilt dealership.

Update log:

What’s new in 2.2.1
– Included Advanced Trailer Coupling feature.
Make sure to activate this option by visiting Options> Gameplay> Advanced trailer coupling and ticking the box.

Verified with version

2.2 Modifications
-Updated for compatibility with American Truck Simulator 1.3.xx (by H.Trucker)
-Rectified the truck interior view
-Modernised antiquated parameters

Proven to work on version

2.1 Modifications (CREDIT: FRANK_WOT)
-Adjusted to function on ATS v1.2
-Integrated the Cummins Signature and CAT C16 engines (with distinctive sound)
-Introduced transmissions, each with differing DIFF ratios
-Added company owned trucks for Quick Job application
-Introduced additional 6×4 and 6×6 chassis with enhanced axles and larger fuel tanks

2.0 Modifications
-Brand new 4 cabin variants
-Included cabin physics (minor clipping may occur)
-New bumpers are added
-Updated the rear lights and mudguards
-New visors variants added
-Front and side mirrors have been modernised
-Introduced up-to-date tanks (proportions have been corrected)
-New headlight designs, with realistic lightmask
-Provided additional interior tuning
-Revised sound dynamics inside the cabin (muted exhaust sounds), if not preferred, revert to sound .sii files from the older version
-Refined raised roof geometry making it smoother
-Addressed interior light installation issues (light still spills out of the cabin, couldn’t rectify it)
-New paintjobs, bumper and roof cameras, courtesy – Piva
-Finally fixed the UV-map (praying for no further issues)
-Comprehensive engine sound updates (turbo, gear shift, etc)

And countless other updates which may have been overlooked.

Strongly advisable to sell your existing truck before installing this mod to prevent any unforeseen glitches.

Authors: H.Trucker, SCS Software, stas556, dmitry68, odd_fellow, FRANK_WOT, Kriechbaum (sound files)
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