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Peterbilt 387 [1.2.х] Truck

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The Peterbilt 387 [1.2.x] Truck has received some adaptations for the American Truck Simulator (ATS) with the following modifications:

– Introduced a new version of the instrument panel.

– Replaced the bonnet mirror.

– The dimensions of “Dot”, “Ovalius”, and “Dot Line Style” now create a small lighting effect around you.

– Added neon lights in two colors.

– Included an indicator retarder.

– Replaced the default sounds.

– Replaced the old onboard computer with the “Bortovik Kirilloid22” and added an alternative version called “Peterbilt387_Computer + clock.scs” in the mod archive.

– Made some small improvements to the 3D models.

To enhance tuning options, you can connect the “P387_tuning_from_ETS.scs” file which includes elements from Euro Truck Simulator (ETS).

This version is compatible with ATS version

Changes and additions in this update:

– Removed the cab suspension.

– Fixed issues with mat painting.

– Upgraded the lights.

– Installed a new gear stick.

– Improved the bonnet mirror functionality.

– Added blinds in the salon.

– Created new slots for accessories in the cabin.

– Made other minor bug fixes.

This is the test version 1.2.h of the Peterbilt 387 truck.

Ch_Vitalik – external model; Kirilloid22 – finalization of the external model, external tuning, sounds, textures, bortovik; Dmitry68 – digateli, PPC; Gosh Motor – interior alteration textures foreign models, tuning, animation.
Long Distance Movers Truck Skin- Mod
Klaas’ Economy v 1.0.1 (steam release)

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