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Klaas’ Economy v 1.0.1 (steam release)

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Klaas’ Economy v 1.0.1 (steam release) ATS

All rights reserved to Klaas. Please refrain from reposting this mod.
This is an experimental mod. It is highly recommended to back up your profile or use a new profile.

This mod revamps the entire game economy to make it more challenging, resembling real life.
I created this mod for those who enjoy the satisfaction of working hard for their business and have always wanted the game to be more realistic.
You will need to complete Quickjobs until you reach level 10 or complete 100 jobs. In real life, you would need some experience before starting your own business. Once you reach that point, you will unlock your first loan, which will enable you to purchase your own truck.
After buying your own truck, you will face new challenges. You will have to cover the cost of fuel, repair your truck, pay off your bank loans, and still make a profit. I recommend using manual shifting, as it will result in better fuel efficiency. Driving safely will keep your insurance costs at a minimum, which will save you from bankruptcy since truck repairs are quite costly.

Initially, you will earn around 0.60$ per mile (this rate will increase as you level up and improve your skills).

– Adjusted sleeping time to reflect real-world values.

For more information, refer to the in-game Mod Description.

Peterbilt 387 [1.2.х] Truck
US 50 & CA 99 EXTENSIONS V1.4.4.1 I-80 I-580 FIX

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