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PETERBILT 379 V2.5 Truck

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PETERBILT 379 V2.5 Truck

Finally, the new version of the Peterbilt 379v2.5 is here. It is compatible with ETS2 and ATS, but be careful with ETS2 as hitting ‘I’ will cause a crash. Furthermore, there is nothing in the truck to hit ‘I’ for. Additionally, when you are in flat top sleeper mode and go to the interior, hitting the seat node will cause a Juliette pop-up to appear behind you. She’s ready, willing, and able!

The template is included in the SCS file. It is easier to create a skin for each cab, so that it can be perfectly aligned. I will try to find someone to fix it for perfection. Meanwhile, I hope you have fun and enjoy. The credits are listed in the read me file, but here are the new credits:

– Viper2

– Pinga

– Sib3rius

– Kriechbaum

– mindset01

– new to the truck

– day cab

– 3 new chassis

– new fenders

– fixed blinking on the hood

– a lot of textures

– moved hood mirrors forward

I hope you enjoy!

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