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Pack 1 Cajas Mexicanas Company Mod

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The Pack 1 Mexican Box Company Mod is a mod that replaces North American companies with Mexican companies. Created by Carlos Lopez, this mod aims to create a game environment that closely resembles reality. It includes various Mexican companies such as Oxxo, Electra, Telmex, Liverpool, Coppel, Jumex, Bimbo, Corona, Lala, and Coca-Cola.

About the Creator:

Carlos Lopez, also known as “_CL”, is from Zacatecas, Mexico.

Mod Details:

Mod Name: Mexican Box Company Mod

Mod Contents: Mexican company replacements for North American companies

Companies Included:

  • Game Company – Mexican company
  • – Oxxo (Self-Service Store)
  • – Electra (Electrodomestics Shop)
  • posped – Telmex (Telephony)
  • san_builders – Liverpool (Department Store)
  • sell_plan – Coppel (Department Store)
  • stokes – Jumex (juice)
  • tradeaux – Bimbo (White bread)
  • trameri – Crown (beer)
  • transinet – Lala (Milk)
  • tree_et – Coca-Cola (Beverage Distributor)
Carlos Lopez – by_CL
San Diego Improvement Project v 1.1
AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.6.1

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