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MHAPro 1.3 Mod

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Enhanced MHAPro ATS 1.3 Mod

1. Inclusion of novel models in mod.
2. Addition of new city, McGill in Nevada featuring MHA_constr and re_train companies.
3. Introduction of IKEA company in ATS.
4. Employment of numerous fresh truck and car models
– in townships.
– on weighing areas.
– on fuel stations.
– on additional parking spots.
5. Introduction of novel sign pattern in mod – arrows.
6. Reworked the city of Ely, now featuring Burger King.
7. Reworked the highway 80 from cross with hw 5 leading to Reno.
8. Reworked the smaller city of Truckee in California.
9. Revamped the city of Carson, now including MHA roadwork.
10. Introduced a parking spot for trucks model from previous game version.
11. Introduced pole parking area from old game version.
12. Topaz Lake addition – featuring gal_oil_gst company.
13. Reworked the route between Carson city and Topanah (NV) via road 395.
14. Reworked Sacramento (CA), integrated with MHA servis and IKEA.
15. Reworked road 37 leading all the way to San Rafael from the highway.
16. Reworked the highway 580 from Reno to Carson City in California.
– Now includes a fueling station.
17. El Centro city additions.
– MHA Servis and MHA constr companies.
18. Revamped road 50 from Carson city to Ely.
– Now includes a fueling station, a parking area, and a service spot.
19. Overhauled road 95 from road 50 (north) to Tonopah.
– Includes a fueling station, a parking area, and a service spot.
20. Addition of Petrol company.
21. Coachella, a new minor city
– Housing Burger King and Petrol companies.
22. Reworked road 58 starting from Oxnard (CA) with a new fueling station all the way to Bakersfield (CA).
23. City of Oxnard additions
– MHA Service as a company.
24. Bakersfield city renovations
– Companies: MHA contr and Roadwork.
25. Overhauled road 395 from Bakersfield (CA) to Topanah (NV)
– Now with fresh fueling spots.
26. Numerous slight updates in the game mod for better play.
27. If you notice minor line patterns on the map, they represent truck models on parking lots.
28. Replaced the World of Trucks logo with HOLLYWOOD in LA (credit to Aradeth)

Heavy Alex
USA Offroad Alaska v 1.3 Mod
Improved Environment Sound

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